I’m a programmer, music producer, game developer and engineering student from Linköping, Sweden.

I’m currently studying the last year for my master of science (MSc.) in computer science and engineering at Linköping University. I’m espescially interested in computer graphics, game programming, algorithmic problem solving and artificial intelligence. I also enjoy art and music.

Curriculum vitae (LinkedIn): https://www.linkedin.com/pub/fredrik-pr%C3%A4ntare/b3/61b/143

Kattis profile: https://open.kattis.com/users/frepr183

GitHub: https://github.com/friduric

StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/6086323/prantare


Send inquiries regarding consultation or collaborations in music, game development, sound engineering or software engineering to fredrik@prantare.com.


  • 2017 : C Awards 2017 – Winner (Best Research Potential)
  • 2016 : LiU Game Awards 2016 – Finalist
  • 2015 : LiU Game Awards 2015 – 3rd placement
  • 2014 : LiU Game Awards 2014 – Finalist
  • 2008 : The Ahlquist scholarship (given by Per Ahlquists donationsfond)
  • 2008 : Guitar Idol 2008 – Top 20

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